Let's discuss about Architecture and Interior designing. New concepts, lastest trends and new demand of materials.. ask your question to know more..#designing


Let's discuss about Architecture and Interior designing. New concepts, lastest trends and new demand of materials.. ask your question to know more..#designing 

#trending now.. #Architect Neha Chopra’s New Arch Studio – 

Empowering #Women in #Designing & #Architecture.

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.

“When women are responsible for making a house a home then why can’t they structure the brick and mortar into a building.  They are intelligent, calculative and creative and these qualities are the requisites for attaining new heights”.

Empowering women for a better tomorrow.

As women are rightly said to be a power of substance; Architect Neha Chopra believes firmly in her organization NAS which employs 70% women. It seeks to empower women with their visionary goals in interior design and architecture giving them equal opportunities to display their own creative prowess in the world of interior design.

Designing Dreamz For Tomorrow’s Heritage.

Founder CEO of New Arch Studio

Entrepreneur, Architect, Interior Designer, Vastu Expert

Address - Architect Neha Chopra

New Arch Studio

Office num 1711.

Unit No. - 11, 17th floor,

The Iconic Corenthum 

A - 41 ,Sector- 62, 

Noida, UP -201301.

Hometown - Agra






Date of birth - 04 07 1990

Email - architectnehachopra@gmail.com

Awards and achievements - 

2021 Times Now Business Best Female Architect in Delhi NCR,  ELDROK India Architecture Awards 2022,  Architect’s WOW Awards 2022,  Business Icon Award 2022,.  Atal Gourav Award 2022.

New Arch Studio – NAS is the brainchild of Architect Neha Chopra, it’s a  full-service Architecture & #Interior Designing firm with a strong thought process, believing in the fact that designs should be elegant & simple. They specialize in commercial, restaurants & corporate projects, with an aim to bring out the best out in each individual space. 

To know more about New Arch Studio, visit www.newarchstudio.in

Recreate Your Vision of Beauty

If you have a vision of beauty, NAS can help you create it. Backed by a creative team who understands the biggest element of interior design and that is personality. they believe that the utmost satisfaction of every client can only be achieved with a design that is a reflection of an owner’s personality. Every corner or space needs to be in perfect harmony and sync with the mood of a family, only then can a client be truly satisfied when their home becomes an extension of their own persona.

Successful projects to her credit with some High-End Brands

With more than 10 years of professional experience tucked beneath her belt. The President’s house (Delhi) is the latest feather in her cap apart from High End Brands Like KidZania, LSC Infrastructure LTD, Radico Khaitan Pvt Ltd, A Class Marble, The Hindustan Advertising and many more.

Involved with Designing from an early age

Neha is like a breath of fresh air prevailing on the Architectural industry. Her bold sense of vision and convincing fusion of hard work is a bond that cements her creative style and is a true reflection of her passionate zest for interior designing and architecture.

Her Journey started from Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal. Having begun her exciting journey at the spritely age of 14 when she designed and decorated her own room, Neha went on to fulfill her passionate dream of being an established Architect & Interior Designer & soon pursued dual qualification in Architecture & Interior Designing. She has been inspired and influenced by the renowned and late Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, a British-Iraqi Architect & just like her inspiration working towards her journey with a dream to win Pritzker Award as an Architect. To know more about Architect Neha Chopra, visit www.newarchstudio.in

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