Actor and AAP leader Mishal Raheja expresses joy with AAP Spokesperson Sandeep Katke over Dharavi Walk success

 News Correspondent Sneha Nair unveils details from the Dharavi Walk Event initiated and led by the Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson and Mumbai Vice President, Sandeep Katke

Sunday morning witnessed much excitement and frolic as the Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson and Mumbai Vice President Sandeep Katke led the Dharavi Walk, a pro development initiative in favor of the wellbeing of Dharavi residents. Starting from the Ashok Mills Compound leading up to the Matunga Labor Camp, the 4 kilometers march was joined by over two thousand supporters. 

#AapKiDharavi is a campaign for redevelopment project that spares concern in view of the local rehabilitation and housing of the Dharavi residents affected by the government's social service efforts. Many rehabilitation programs threaten to station Dharavi residents outside their homes in places farther away from Dharavi. Sandeep Katke envisions to cater to these people in ways that help them economically and this, provide accomodation within Dharavi itself.

The Indian government has been putting in efforts to raise the standard of living of India. Every Indian citizen deserves to enjoy the privileges of a decent lifestyle. In view of the same, the Aam Aadmi Party is working hard to deliver services that empower this cause. 

In conversation with the AAP Vice President, Sandeep Katke, the spokesperson shared his thoughts on the Walk of Dharavi project. "Houses are usually in the name of one member of the family which leaves the other members vulnerable to housing issues. Moreover, Dharavi's local self sufficiency is endangered if the residents are moved or the business environment hampered. We need to reevaluate the surveys and check the progress. This deserves the title of Babasaheb Ambedkar and should be honored accordingly. First the Annexure 2 should be published and only then be followed up with the development activities". Dharavi President N. R. Paul nodded in agreement as Mr. Sandeep spoke about everyone being signed up for at least a 405 sq ft area. One of the AAP leader, Mishal Raheja of Zee TV fame was also present along with Sion - Koliwada President Altaf Shaikh.

AAP has taken responsibility for these intense activities to help provide sustainable living. This is the very first time that a government entity has paid heed to this grave local issue.

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