Unveiling the Culinary Marvel of Glitte's, New Years Party Vibes Guaranteed.

A recent culinary revelation unfolded at Glitte's Super Club Launch Event on December 21st, 2023, as Rajveer Singh, the esteemed news correspondent, engaged in exclusive discussions with prominent culinary personalities. Their collective appraisal extolled Glitte's Vibes as a pinnacle of Mumbai's culinary realm, celebrating its gastronomic finesse, vintage ambiance, and exceptional service. This resounding acclaim echoed the team's dedication to delivering an extraordinary dining experience.

Owned by Abhi Shetty and Dhaval Mirani, Glitte swiftly emerged as the go-to destination for night revelers seeking an unparalleled experience in Mumbai. The venue promises a quintessential Mumbai nightlife encounter, boasting massive LED projections, star-studded lineups featuring entertainment industry luminaries, and an unforgettable musical journey extending well into the early hours. Real Time Images clicked by Nilesh Vaishya

Guests were treated to a mesmerizing light show that captivated them throughout the night. The club delivered top-tier entertainment with lively dancers and DJs spinning the latest hits. Ample space allowed for relaxation and mingling, while an impressive selection of beverages and snacks kept everyone refreshed.

Glitte has crafted an exclusive Mumbai vibe that set it apart from other clubs in the city. The atmosphere pulsated with energy, ensuring every guest a memorable night out.

For those seeking a more enigmatic ambiance, Glitte's latest speakeasy bar offered a nostalgic journey through its amber-lit, antique-laden space. The venue's rustic charm coupled with a sense of mystery created an unforgettable dining escapade blending vintage vibes with modern comfort. Embark on the Glitte Adventure – Mumbai's Ultimate Super Club.

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