New Year, New Beginnings, Handicrafts Town aims to hold international reigns!


A legacy isn’t built in a day. It takes a lifetime, maybe several lifetimes. A legacy does not belong to just one person, it belongs to the 1000s who sustained themselves! 

Such is a story of Handicrafts Town, a tale of many artisans, a tale of visions, and a tale of those who believe that houses speak too! 

About The Founder: 

Asim Zameer finished his Bachelor of Business/Managerial Economics and cradled Handicrafts Town! He grew with their home business itself, thus from a very young age he developed sheer love for home decor! 

As he grew further, he began showing keen interest in the business. With his enthusiastic and fresh approach, Zameer’s Abba began giving him the reigns. After his academics, his sole aim was to take Handicrafts Town to its fullest glory! 

In every conversation about the history of this legacy, he repeats the fact that it was his grandfather’s dream to reach into every household. His grandfather’s dream was fulfilled by Asim’s father. Now, it was Asim’s time to fulfill his Abba’s dream to take Handicrafts Town across the 7 seas! 

With his accurate research and passion for local artisans, Handicrafts Town became a complete household name. Customers preferred Chinese products over Indian products because they looked premium and were sold at a cheaper price! 

This is was he wanted to change, thus came the idea of shifting to aluminum, wood, and stainless steel. This way, Asim was able to capture the urban crowd and instill higher employment amongst the artisans. 

Asim’s aim was to sell top-quality goods at a reasonable price, this is exactly what Handicrafts Town is best known for! 

What's so special?

Mostly brand in the home decor are the reseller,

Either they import or buy the ready products from the manufacturers,

But the Handicrafts town itself is a manufacturer 

Whether it is designing the products or making it

in different sizes or finishing it in different colors, it is all done at one place and that too by skilled artisans,

Handicrafts town is  perhaps the only  brand that offers customisation,

Handicrafts Town  and helps customers to buy the product they want.

That really helps customers to match well the products with their interior and their requirements.

What is the future aim?

Handicrafts Town aims to surf international waters! They have served 20,000+ customers in India and now are all set to expand their time zones! At this point, Handicrafts Town has sustained 25-30 artisans and along with them has created beautiful contemporary designs! 

Asim Zameer believes in promoting local artists, thus his vision gets simpler day by day for his business.

This coverage is based on the interview conducted by TimesNowBusiness news correspondent Priya Sharma

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