ReStory, a deeper dive into the sustainable Home Decor brand.

ReStory and their brand philosophy

ReStory is a sustainable home decor accessories brand that aims to give a new "story" to waste materials through unique, sustainable decor products. All materials used in their products are sustainably sourced and manufactured using energy-efficient processes. Scrap mild steel pieces were recycled to make metal products, and they use wood and glass that have been tossed away to create amazing products. The brand philosophy is against plastic use, and hence Arohi Dalwadi, the founder, decided to make ReStory 100% plastic-free, which included packaging too!


Restory has taken numerous steps to minimize its carbon footprint and environmental impact, including sourcing materials from local vendors and factories in and around Mumbai. All of the products are handmade and of high quality, so they last a long time.

When we spoke to Arohi, she was very passionate about her views on her decision to build a sustainable brand. She said that in her lifetime alone, the effects of global warming, climate change, and pollution are very clearly visible. She genuinely believes that if we don’t start making changes in our lifestyles now, our planet is going to look and feel very different by the end of our lifetime.

Challenges faced due to sustainability

Since ReStory is all about sustainability and high-quality products, there are many challenges that come with it. One of them is a lack of awareness about eco-friendly products; people believe that sustainable products are rugged or old-looking, but this is not the case with ReStory. People, especially in the Indian market, seem to not understand sustainability in the true sense and, in fact, think that it is a facade to overcharge for products. But that could hardly be the case, as it is much more difficult to acquire materials that are sustainable and maintain oneself as an eco-friendly brand.

Designs and Manufacturing

Arohi is an interior designer by profession with a postgraduate degree in sustainable design, but instead of working for interior spaces, she has a particular interest in product design. The birth of every unique product at ReStory begins at the drawing board. One of the first steps is making the technical drawings of the product, which determine the exact dimensions and design of the product. The next stage, once the technical drawing is finalized, is choosing and acquiring the raw materials for the product. This is one of the key elements of the process since the materials of the product determine many factors such as the cost, durability, sustainability, look, and feel of the product.

Not every material works for each product, and there are a lot of trials and errors in this particular stage of the manufacturing process. After the final design has been developed, it is laser cut, bent, and welded into the final design before powder coating and finishing touches like painting are applied.

In order to get the raw materials from recycled products, they have tied up with furniture manufacturing factories for a regular supply. By hiring local artisans and craftsmen to hand-make their products, ReStory gives local residents a job and enables them to contribute to the community.

A vision for the future

ReStory strives to create products that provide value to people through unique designs, attentive customer service, and plastic-free packaging. A curated marketplace is clearly not something Arohi wants. Instead, she wants to create a website where you can find unique, beautiful, high-quality, handmade, and long-lasting products that you can't find anywhere else. As she moves forward, she wants to discover innovative ways to reuse materials in ways she never imagined before.

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