Founder Chairman of World Environment Council, Prof Ganesh Channa felicitates awardees with Environment Awards on 22nd Jan 2023


World Environment Council Delhi's 2nd Environment Awards ceremony was successfully organized at India International Centre, Lodhi Garden, New Delhi. 

On this auspicious occasion, many eminent environmentalists of India were honored with Paryavaran Bhushan, Paryavaran Shri and other national and international awards.

Awards were given to the excellently inspiring children's/youth's/people's selfless work in the areas of environment protection and awareness in various states of India. Especially Dr. Manindra Mohan Sharma was honored for his comprehensive work. The National Environment Awareness Award was given to 20 conscious workers across the country for their social service, education and research.

'Paryavaran Bhushan' and 'Paryavaran Shri' awards were given to the extraordinary work done in the field of water literacy and security by some truly indian citizens at the national and international level.

All the awards were included with Medal, Trophy and Certificates. Dr. Manindra Mohan Sharma, The Director of Biotech Council, Pant Nagar, Uttarakhand is an active science communicator. His exemplary and excellent work was appreciated by Padmashree awardee Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi. Dr. Manindra Mohan Sharma expressed his gratitude towards the blessings of his  parents and the guidance of teachers and elders as a source of inspiration for his achievement.

Professor Ganesh Channa, the founder-chairman of the World Environment Council, said that the World Environment Council has been doing extensive work in the field of environmental protection at the world level for the past several years and has been partnering with the United Nations Council (UNESCO) in many environmental programs. 

Among the 'Environment Bhushan' award winners were veteran environmentalists like Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi and Dr. Shivvaran Shukla. 

Among the 'Environment Shri' award winning environmentalists were  Shri. Vinay Kansal, Mr. Ajit Gokhale, Smt. Chitralekha Vaidya, Sh. Ramesh Goyal, Mr. Jagat Singh Chowdhary, Mr. There were environmental activists like Prashant Bhave. Honorees of the International Environment Awareness Awards include Mrs. Arna Wadhawan and Mr. Niranjan Dev was Bhardwaj.

In the 'National Environment Awareness' awards, Mr. Dheerajkumar, Mr. Amitkumar, Mr. Neeraj Wankhede, Mr. Vijay Patil, Smt. Geeta Venkatesan, Sh. Sachin Shinde, Mrs. Jaya Mishra, Dr. Vinay Agarwal, Dr. Manindra Mohan Sharma, Kumari Iha Dixit, St. Francis School were involved. 

Dr. Meera Mishra and Shri. Nagraj Vannal were honored with Social Excellence Award. Mr. Shrikant Bhimashankar Gote contributed his service as an anchor of this national level award ceremony .

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