Umang Garden and Resort climbing the top ladders of celebrity favourites


News Correspondent Sneha Nair unveiled the following details during the Press Conference coverage of the Atal Gaurav Award 2023 held on 4th February.

Umang Garden and Resort in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh started its day with much acclaim and appreciation by the Chief Guests and Spokespersons at the Atal Gaurav Award Press Conference on 4th February.

Founded by Mr. Dileep Chand Yadav, Atal Gaurav Award is a sports and cultural association foundation started in 2000 which confers titles upon sections of social service, business, social, environment, animal service among other important factions. Stationed next to the Bhopal LNCT College, Umang Garden and Resort hosted the Atal Gaurav Award 2023 Press Conference that welcomed eminent names in the list of attendees. The Award Association CEO and Founder, Mr. Dileep Chand Yadav and the Chief Guest of Honour, Celebrity Architect, Neha Chopra were big names to grace the red carpet at the event. A wholesome welcome with a warm smile and cold drinks, the Resort brought the event to life. 

With a huge area sprawled across two magnificent lawns, the venue is a breathtaking set up of elegance and lavish beauty. The Banquet Hall that amassed the attendees of the Press Conference was a delight to the viewers with its exquisite chandeliers and aesthetic ambience surrounding the pillars of strong class and girth.

Home to frequent celebrities like the local Ministers and their families, this venue holds the hearts of thousands among popular names like Ms Shweta Tiwari and some prominent ministers. Many renowned families have hosted their family functions and big weddings across the Umang Resort lands. 

The venue accommodates 35 rooms, two beautiful lawns, a magnificent swimming pool and a splendidly serene ambience. In the city center, Umang Resort is a spot that delivers friendly and warm hospitality in the outstretched arms of a lush paradise. The location stands close to the airport and drives worries and stress away from the city hustle and bustle. The food here finds its mention in many topics of appreciative conversation. Quality and quantity are two aspects their kitchen holds firm ground on. 

The Chief Guest at the Press Conference, Architect Neha Chopra toured around the property with impressed smiles plastered all throughout the recce. She says, “This venue is so beautiful, I would love to head over here for random staycations every once in a while. I love the peace and quiet here and the staff is excellently skilled. I am touched by their polite demeanor and approach to guests, it’s truly been a great experience being hosted here. I would love to visit more often with family and friends.”

Calling this their dream project, the owners, Kharbanda couple take pride in this space of comfort and love. Deepty Kharbanda says, “We have hosted and entertained many dignitaries who have been adhered to by our competent staff. It is always a pleasure to have all guests alike swarm through our property and come back to us with praises. We have put in a lot to build what we have today and I, for one, am very proud of where we stand today.”

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