RAD Foods & Beverages PVT LTD a dynamic group of multiple food brands in Bhopal city.


Our reporter priya sharma had a word with Dhruv Saxena, managing Director, Rad Foods & Beverages PVT LTD. Dhruv Saxena told about his journey which started in july 2018 with a brand name of VH spicebox. Dhruv during his college days in Bhopal suffered a lot because of quality and hygiene of food available. 

So he developed this idea to provide home like pure and hygienic food for all. Dhruv also told us that, he was always concerned about the wastage of food which gave him the idea of donate a meal to poor. With this idea he later on developed “Project 47 Koi Bhooka Naa Rahe”. Dhruv aslo added that when things started great for him covid emerged and his market was deeply affected.

He told us that he had responsibilities of people working with him which gave him strength to convert his meal services business into ready Mealz restraunt And Catering services. With couple of years of dedicated hardwork Dhruv started his meal services business which quickly grew again. Dhruv aslo told us that people of a big city like Bhopal, always craved for Dhaba eatery culture for which he stared “Raj Darbaar” a Dhabha themed restraint. Dhruv aims to provide good food to all his customers and to reach out those people also who are needy.

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