The Entrepreneurial Journey of Punam Gupta, A social Worker


Punam Gupta is a renowned name in the field of social work, not just in India but also globally. Along with being the Director of Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd., Punam Gupta is also the Founder of Octa Life Sciences, Director of Quality Services & Training Pvt. Ltd. and the President of Together We Can Foundation, An NGO. In her more than two-and-a-half decades of a professional and entrepreneurial career, Punam Gupta has received numerous awards and accolades.

Born in 1973 into a middle-class family, Punam Gupta did her post-graduation with different diplomas in Computer Science and Food Nutrition, Mass Communication, Journalism, and LLB. After that, she opened a computer center and a consultancy firm and became an entrepreneur. Today, she has more than 25 years of experience in Pharma, Food and other manufacturing Sectors.

Punam Gupta began her career with auditing work in ISO. After that, in 2011, she joined FSSAI, which was established in India. Punam Gupta is certified as a FoSTaC trainer, and her company Quality Services and Training Pvt Ltd is empanelled as a training partner on the FoSTaC portal. "In 2020, she got awarded by the FoSTaC team for conducting the second-highest number of training sessions during 2019 in all over India."

Moreover, in 2015, she started her other unit Octa Life Sciences, under PMEGP Scheme and set up its manufacturing unit in 2017 with the production of Animal Feed Supplements and Ayurvedic Products. Apart from these businesses, she has conceived an NGO named ‘Together We Can Foundation,’ intending to serve people. She informs, "Our NGO works for Food Safety, Animal Welfare, Organ Donation, Employment Generation, and other issues of society." In 2020, at the time of COVID–19, Punam Gupta established her firm, Immuno Life Pvt Ltd, by considering the various needs of society to serve them with some high-quality immunity-boosting Ayurvedic products.

According to Punam Gupta, her motivation and keen interest in business and entrepreneurship inspired her extraordinary saga of four decades. "From a young age, I always wanted to start my own business, where there would be no time limitation. I still have that same hunger for success," she states.

Punam Gupta's success story is an inspiration to countless women across the globe who is struggling to make their mark in the world of business. She has proven that with hard work. She got award and recognitions from Mr. Sunil Gavaskar, Cricket Champion, Mr. Rajat Sharma, NDTV News Editor, Suniel Shetty, Sonu Sood, etc. for commendable social works.

She also conducted two Millet Melas in Ambala. Recently, she got awarded by Mr. Bandaru Dattatreya ji, Honorable Governor of India for her contributions in social work. 

Also, She received Certificate of Excellence from RIISM (Research Institute in Indian Systems of Medicine), awarded by MOTHER TERESA NARI SAMMAN Awards for best contribution in Entrepreneurship and Social work, Also, certified as Women Faces of the Year 2024 by Fox Story India, Moreover, got honored by Director of NIFTEM, a venture of MOFPI on International Women Day, Received a certificate of Record holder for doing maximum trainings and awareness of Food Safety by Harvard World Records. Not only this, she also got Udyog Ratan Award For Start Up Immuno Life Private Limited by Famous dancer cum bollywood actress Ms. Sudha Chandaran.

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