This Shravan, experience the India's First Two Months non-stop Shiv Mahapuran in Gaya Village of Bharatpur-Rajasthan


Discover the Mystical Path of Shiv Mahapuran and Experience Divine Bliss. Join us on a Soul-Enriching Quest as Shiv Mahapuran Unveils its Secrets. Embrace the Grace of Lord Shiva and Witness Miracles Unfold in Your Life. Immerse Yourself in the Sacred Rituals of Shiv Mahapuran for Holistic Healing and Fulfillment.

The sacred month of Shravan has arrived, gracing us with its divine presence and offering us the opportunity to delve deep into spirituality. In the year 2023, Shravan month coincides with Adhik Maas, creating an auspicious atmosphere for the commencement of an extraordinary event: the recitation of the revered Shri Shiv Mahapuran and the grand program of 100000 Parthiv Sevashram.

 From the 4th of July to the 31st of August 2023, the village of Gaya in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan will witness a spiritual extravaganza like never before. Esteemed saints, including Mahant Shri Sneh Gulshan Ji, Maluk Peeth Peethadhishwar Rajendra Das Ji Maharaj, and Jagatguru Balram Das Ji Maharaj, along with other renowned personalities, will grace this divine gathering with their divine presence.

 The Shiv Mahapuran Yagya, organized on a magnificent scale, will incorporate the anointment of Lord Shiva with various sacred substances. This divine ceremony holds the power to fulfill the heartfelt desires of devotees, while bestowing its blessings upon all who partake in the enchanting narrative of Shiva's life and teachings.

 As we rejoice in the convergence of Shravan and Purushottam months, an even greater celebration awaits us in 2023. The Shiv Purana and the 100000 Parthiv Sevashram will be hosted in village Gaya, Rajasthan, drawing the presence of revered saints from far and wide. The esteemed Mahamandaleshwar Jagatguru, International spokesperson Dr. Mahesh Shastri, will meticulously describe the sacred narrative, while guiding us on a transformative journey of worship and devotion.

 This event is not merely a local celebration; it is a profound Arth Yagya dedicated to the welfare of the entire world. Spanning over two months, this monumental gathering will mark a significant milestone in India's spiritual landscape. The continuous chanting of Shiv Archana and the recitation of Shiv Puran will infuse the world with blessings and benevolence, bringing solace to all beings. Each day, Lord Shiva will be anointed individually, radiating healing energy to all who seek divine intervention and respite from ailments.

 Join us on this sacred odyssey as we immerse ourselves in the divine vibrations of Shiv Mahapuran. The journey promises to be transformative, igniting the fire of spiritual awakening within us. Let the mystic tales of Lord Shiva and the sacred rituals of the Arth Yagya guide us towards fulfillment, healing, and a profound connection with the divine.

  May the blessings of Lord Shiva be showered upon us all

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