"Dobaraa's Pre-Launch Sparks Culinary Frenzy Among Influencers! Owners Count Down to Jan 18 Grand Relaunch – A Gourmet Spectacle Promises Mumbai's Culinary Resurgence!"

15th January, Mumbai: Located in the heart of Lower Parel, Dobaraa, the revered gastropub, teased Mumbai's taste buds with a sneak peek into its eagerly awaited grand relaunch. The pre-launch trials of the latest menu at Palladium unfolded an enchanting narrative of vintage charm and contemporary innovation, setting the stage for a culinary revolution scheduled to unfold on January 18th, 2024.

Rajveer Singh, a distinguished ace journalist and passionate food influencer, took center stage, immersing himself in vibrant conversations with both prominent influencers and emerging bloggers. The pre-launch influencers meet, orchestrated by the mastermind behind the event, Prithvish Ashar, became the epicenter of captivating discussions with culinary icons, promising an evening that would redefine Mumbai's culinary landscape.

Prithvish Ashar, alongside Socialite Vibha Narshana and culinary influencer Irfan Shaukat, graced Dobaraa's vintage-inspired venue. Together, they wove a culinary symphony where nostalgia seamlessly intertwined with the fusion of flavors. Their admiration for Dobaraa's finesse, vintage charm, and exceptional service echoed through the venue, creating a buzz that hinted at an imminent culinary revolution.

The gathering gained youthful vibrancy with the presence of budding influencers Tasneem Shaikh, Pratibha Bhadauria, Isha Soni, Jaya Parmar, Disha Maggu and Sameera Furkan. Their genuine enthusiasm and candid expressions became the soul of the pre-launch trials, painting a vivid picture of Dobaraa's offerings and generating eager anticipation for the grand relaunch.

Owner of Dobaraa, Prashant Issar, couldn't contain his excitement, stating, "We're thrilled to introduce our all-new menu and welcome Chef Akhil Multani. Their expertise and innovative approach will breathe fresh life into our offerings. We're confident that every bite at Dobaraa will leave a lasting impression."

*18th January, 2024:* The grand relaunch of Dobaraa at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel, transcends the boundaries of a mere menu; it unveils a narrative of culinary innovation and storytelling. Two exceptional chefs, including the renowned Chef Akhil Multani, bring their culinary alchemy to redefine the Dobaraa experience.

From the soulful Dobara Masala Pav to the exotic Canadian Punjabi Poutine, each dish narrates a story of cultural fusion and culinary ingenuity. The menu, curated with meticulous detail, showcases small plates like Adobo Thecha Chicken Shashlik and Aachari Paneer Croissant, providing a tantalizing glimpse into Dobaraa's commitment to diverse flavors. Larger plates such as Bawaji Nu Dhanshak and Chicken Fajitas showcase the creativity defining Dobaraa's culinary identity.

Dobaraa's commitment to quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques resonates in every dish, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary. As the grand relaunch beckons on January 18th, 2024, at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel, Dobaraa doesn't just reopen its doors; it invites patrons to embark on a culinary odyssey where vintage elegance harmoniously meets global flavors.

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