Sarvart Presents a Day of Unbridled Talent: Open Mic Extravaganza in Patna on 4th February

Subheading: Sarvart Set to Illuminate Patna with an Evening of Artistic Brilliance and Community Connection

 on 4th February,  1 pm Onwards at CAFE SiP n SMiLE, Patna.

In a celebration of creativity and community, Founder of Sarvart Miss Arpita Singh said that She is proud to announce an upcoming Open Mic event in Patna scheduled for the 4th of February. The event promises an enchanting day of diverse talents, as artists from various backgrounds and genres gather to share their art with the city.

Further, Harsh the another Founder of SarvArt Said that their organisation is known for its commitment to promoting artistic expression, which is gearing up to provide a platform for both seasoned performers and emerging talents. This Open Mic event aims to foster a sense of inclusivity, allowing artists from all walks of life to showcase their creativity and connect with a supportive audience.

How to Participate:

For those eager to take the stage, Sarvart invites artists of all ages and backgrounds to register for the Open Mic event. Whether you're a poet, musician, comedian, or have a unique talent to share, this is your opportunity to shine. Interested participants call us at 6287999392/6296081677 or visit Sarvart's Instagram Page @sarv_art23 for more details.

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