"Vintage Charm, Culinary Brilliance: Dobaraa's Culinary Enigma, Setting New Standards in Dining.

12th January, Mumbai: A flavorful evening unfolded with the unveiling of Dobaraa's latest menu at Kurla MarketCity, creating a buzz that harmonized nostalgic charm with a contemporary flair. This speakeasy bar, nestled in vintage ambiance and modern comforts, not only tantalized taste buds but also left an indelible mark on Mumbai's culinary landscape.

Rajveer Singh, an ace journalist and fervent food enthusiast, had vibrant discussions with highly influential culinary icons, setting the stage for a captivating dialogue. Prithvish Ashar, the mastermind behind this flavorful evening and a luminary in India's PR landscape, joined forces with tastemaker Pankaj Kaklotar and culinary trailblazer Yoshita Shah, along with Chef Shilpa Seth Bhambri. Together, they marveled at Dobaraa's vintage vibes, hailing it as the epitome of Mumbai's culinary scene. Their praise encompassed its finesse, vintage charm, and exceptional service, affirming Dobaraa's commitment to delivering an extraordinary dining experience. Alongside these stalwarts, budding influencers Neha Sanghvi, Ritika Jasani, Riya Shah, and Ayesha Mohta shared their awe-inspiring experiences, adding depth to the acclaim.

Guiding Dobaraa's culinary vision is Chef Anil Nair, celebrated for his innovative repertoire from Seattle's gastro pub scene. His menu, a symphony of Middle Eastern delights and inventive creations, featured Zaatar Pita with Hummus, Methi Malai Aranchii, and Prawn Fataka that tantalized taste buds. The Ghee Roast paired with the signature Berry Pulav claimed attention, while the Baida Roti Chicken, Gado Gado Salad, and the captivating seasonal cheesecake added layers to a memorable culinary journey.

Brand Head Sanjay Gupta shared his thoughts on the new menu, ambiance, vintage decor, and rustic aesthetics, transporting guests to an era of classic charm seamlessly combined with contemporary comforts. This enigmatic setting, reminiscent of Berlin's underground allure, promised unforgettable dining moments, appealing to both nostalgia and modernity.

The discussions among these prominent influencers, echoing admiration for Dobaraa's fusion of vintage charm and culinary excellence, further affirmed its status as a culinary landmark in Mumbai.

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