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Mr. Nayan Sharma


In the dynamic world of early childhood education, it takes a visionary leader to make a real impact. Mr. Nayan, the CEO of eduMETA THE i-SCHOOL  , stands out as a leader with extensive expertise in both entrepreneurship and the field of education. With two Master of Business Administration degrees and a YEP from IIM-A under his belt, Mr. Nayan is a remarkable figure steering the ship of preschool education towards new horizons.

1. A Strong Educational Foundation:

Mr. Nayan's educational background is nothing short of impressive. He holds not one but two Master of Business Administration degrees, which he acquired from prestigious institutions. His first MBA in International Marketing from AIIMS Chennai laid the foundation for his understanding of global markets and their dynamics. His second MBA, specializing in Finance and Marketing from IPS Academy Indore, further expanded his knowledge in the financial aspects of business, adding another layer of depth to his skill set.

2. The YEP Credential:

One of the highlights of Mr. Nayan's educational journey is his successful completion of the Young Executive Program (YEP) from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A). This program is a testament to his commitment to continuous learning and his desire to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving field of business and education.

3. Versatility and Competence:

Mr. Nayan's expertise extends far beyond traditional educational qualifications. He possesses a unique blend of skills that make him a dynamic leader in the preschool education sector. His competence in areas such as analysis, mentoring, trading, and strategic planning is a testament to his versatility. His ability to analyse data and market trends, combined with his strategic planning skills, has allowed him to make informed decisions that drive his eduMETA ’s  success.

4. A Vision for Preschool Education:

Mr. Nayan's role as CEO of eduMETA   is not just about managing a preschool but about shaping the future of preschool education. His extensive knowledge in marketing, finance, and education equips him with a comprehensive perspective on how to provide high-quality early childhood education. He is dedicated to creating a nurturing and innovative learning environment for young children that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of preschool education.

As a leader, he is an inspiring figure in the field of early childhood education, and his contributions are poised to shape the future of preschool education for the better.

Empowering Minds, Enriching Futures: eduMETA THE i-SCHOOL - Your Gateway to Progressive Education and Personalized Excellence

eduMETA is a team of MBA, PhD., & IIT graduates, who wants to bring the positive change in

education, with the aim of more better and affordable education everywhere with easy

accessibility for all. For more than a decade we are central India's best and biggest brand in

training children for higher education. We are also among the schools that started technology

enabled learning in small towns of country 12 years back. Started by opening our first school in

2004 and, since that time, we have again founded few schools across Rajasthan & Madhya

Pradesh. In partnership with our educators, our technology and academic design teams have

created a platform to personalize learning and innovated school learning for small children.

eduMETA currently runs a network of morning pre-schools marking its presence in 750 plus  Pan India locations along with Day Care and Evening Programs, that we call intelligent-schools .

Our good research & content team of PhD., MBA & IITians continuously monitor and upgrade the content as per the current

need of children.


Our vision is to become Most Innovative, Transparent, Supportive & Easy To Start Play School which can help educators and parents to give better and affordable education to budding children.

Our program is planned to promote positive growth in the lives of all children. We  adopt a holistic approach which enables each child to develop their social, physical , emotional and intellectual abilities We know that each unique and positive early childhood experiences are instrumental for a child's overall develop life.



Let the children explore their own way. When they do what they like, they do that, by doing they love. Initial age the role of educator is just a care taker, who takes care of children and takes care of their feelings of happiness, learning will follow if we push them in right direction subconsciously.

Our Values:

Students thrive when they understand how and why they learn. By voluntarily setting high standards for social contribution, responsibility, and accountability to a greater good, we are distinguishing ourselves within the education sector by modelling a better way to do business for our students, families, educators and schools.

With rich experience we are providing the better education platform to our parents with very low cost. Instead of taking standard test, we take part in their intelligence development process.

Feathers  added in the crown of eduMETA THE i-SCHOOL   :

🌟Most Innovative Pre-School Chain in India 2018

🌟Most Promising Pre-School Chain (Multi Branch) 2019

🌟ISO Certified 

🌟Education Icon Award 2022

🌟Considered as TOP 100 Franchise Business in India by prestigious franchise India Magazine 2022

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