"Captivating Collections and Iconic Runway Moments Define IMODA Fashion Fest 2024"

Mumbai, February 24th and 25th, 2024 - The IMODA Fashion Fest 2024, held at Nerul Gymkhana on February 24th and 25th, concluded with resounding success, leaving attendees in awe of the stunning displays of fashion and creativity.

Hosted by the esteemed team of directors and founders including Founder Charles Williams,  Co-Founder Soumya Singh and core team members Presenjeet Kumar, Deepak Shetty and Nishitha Suvarna,  Poorva Barai the event was a celebration of diversity and innovation in the fashion industry.

The fashion fest featured an eclectic mix of established designers and emerging talents, each presenting their unique vision and style on the runway. Designers such as Shyam Sundar Basu, Raja Ramiz, Prashant Majumdar, Shital Nigam, Amrita Mishra, Elektra, S-Horz, Hindustan Beard Club, Shilpa Shevle, Ramanath Kotian and Jayaprasad Kotian, Vaani Kuckian, Komal Parihar captivated the audience with their breathtaking collections, showcasing a wide range of trends and aesthetics.

Attendees were also delighted to see celebrities and influencers including Eshan Masih, Zainab, Prerna Bhatt, Jillian Kilroy, Nancy Singh, and Poonam Jawhar, Vedeika Dutt, Nitin Sharma (Animal Movie Sensation), Lavansh Suri, Prashant Poojary, Urvashi Solanki gracing the runway as showstoppers, adding an extra layer of excitement and glamour to the event.

Alongside there was an award ceremony from AIFA(All India Fashion Association) and there were awards given to Salman (Best Male Model in Kerala), Faizan Sheikh (Best Male Model in Nagpur), Gagan (Fitness Model of the Year in Jammu), Diptashree (Social Media Influence in Karnataka), Komal Malhotra (Best Plus Size Model in Mumbai), Bobby (Emerging Model in Mumbai), Horz Modelling Company (Supriya) (Emerging Modelling Company in Kerala), Dr Damayanthi (Best Aesthetic Wellness Award in Nagpur), Dr Rasika (Emerging Model Of the Year in Nagpur), Elektra Modelling Company (Shrikanth) Most Innovative Modelling Company in Kerala), Ranjana (Emerging Fashion Designer in Beed), Transgender Models Mohini and Vidhya Kamble from Nagpur, Neha (Best Makeup Artist in Delhi). 

In addition to the fashion showcases, the event offered live music performances, interactive art installations, and engaging panel discussions on topics ranging from sustainable fashion to inclusivity in the industry. The event provided a platform for aspiring models and designers to showcase their talent and connect with industry professionals.

"We are thrilled with the success of the IMODA Fashion Fest 2024, and express our gratitude to our sponsors & media partners specially Happen Recently News & Josh Bharat Media" said the organizers. "With the support of our sponsors and the talent of our participants, we were able to create a truly magical experience for all attendees."

The event would not have been possible without the generous support of sponsors including Wheel House, Lokmat, Proactive Shipping, Nerul Gymkhana, Nishitha Suvarna’s Image Consultant, Deepak Shetty’s DS Entertainment, U & I Entertainment, Catwalkers, Josh Bharat, Unseen Times, DailyHunt, Times Now Business, Happened Recently, Dreamzzmakers, The Zone 360 Vashi, Vector Shipping, JS Marine, AIFA, Jasmin Balan’s ByteFlash, Karnataka Style Icon, SK Builders, Shikaara Heights, Ronak Outdoor media Partner, Gini&Jony.

As the curtains close on the IMODA Fashion Fest 2024, attendees are left inspired by the creativity and innovation showcased at the event. The fashion fest serves as a reminder of the power of fashion to inspire, empower, and bring people together from all walks of life.

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