Sudip Srivastava and Smriti Srivastava ambition is to promote Indian Art and Culture worldwide.

Sudip Srivastava and Smriti Srivastava ambition is to promote Indian Art and Culture worldwide. To fulfill their dream, they started Facebook group in the name of Madhubani Paintings and Art on May 2016. 

Gradually this group recognize by each and every corner of Globe and reached a members strength of 2.25 Lacs (As on Dec-23).

Smriti Srivastava is Hons Graduate from Banaras Hindu University and Masters from Nagpur University. She worked as HR Associates in Corporates but by looking into her passion into Arts. She decided to leave corporate life and follow her dreams. She is also Mithila Art artist and having expertise in Mithila, Fabric and Gond Arts. She also got recognition from Government of India and got Artisan License in April 2023. 

Sudip Srivastava Graduated from Calcutta University and Masters from NIIT, is having 26 years of working experience. He worked with corporates like Ceat Tyres, Reliance Industries and ICICI Bank. Expertise in Product launching, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Debt Management and Channel Management.

They launched online classes for Indian Folk Art in the month of May 2020. Till date this group successfully conducted more than 100 numbers of Folk Art workshop and taught more than 1500 students.

They are also pioneer in launching Cow dung treated handmade papers in organised way with all the sizes like Full Sheet(22×31) and A3, A4,A5 in spiral notepad form. The group is also having website as in which they promote Artist and help to sell their arts.

Our mission is to promote and preserve Indian Art and Culture by creating a global platform that celebrates the rich heritage of our artistic traditions. We aim to connect artists, art and cultural enthusiasts worldwide, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for the beauty that lies within our diverse art forms. Through our initiatives, workshops, and display gallery, we aspire to inspire creativity, empower artists, and spread the magic of Indian art to every corner of the globe.

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