Passengers Fume Over Poor Conditions on Train Number 22210 from Delhi to Mumbai

7th February, Delhi:Passengers aboard train number 22210 depatrted 6th Feb from Delhi to Mumbai were left dismayed as they discovered stale bread being served during their journey. Amardeep Singh, seated in coach B1, seat number 50, raised concerns over the quality of food served onboard. Adding to the dissatisfaction, fellow passenger Salman Khan, in seat number 57 of the same coach, echoed similar sentiments, expressing disappointment with the meal options provided.

In addition to the substandard food, passengers also highlighted cleanliness issues onboard the train. Ajanta Kithe, occupying seat number 17 in coach B1, voiced concerns about the lack of cleaning staff throughout the journey. Despite multiple complaints, no staff members were observed attending to cleaning duties, exacerbating the discomfort experienced by passengers.

The dismal conditions onboard train number 22210 have left passengers questioning the quality of service provided by the railway authorities. With complaints ranging from food quality to cleanliness standards, passengers are demanding immediate action to address these issues and ensure a more pleasant travel experience in the future.

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